Auto City Water Change-Over (CWC) benefits
(MRI Process Chiller Protection... "Peace of Mind"
Extra Cooling Protection
for Your MRI Process Chiller! 


Legacy's Auto City Water
Change-Over Panels are an important addition for critical MRI cooling
applications. Our Auto City Water
Change-Over Panels Automatically
Switch to City Water upon a
Power Outage or Chiller Fault.


Legacy's fully integrated (optional) City Water Changeover Panels (CWC) maintains real-time communication with all Legacy process chillers.

Should site power or any other interruption of the chiller system occur, the chiller's control system will lockout mechanical cooling and immediately deploy (seamless change over) the CWC system. Once deployed, city water will temporarily flow through the MRI's cryogenic cooling system making it possible for full function of the MRI.


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