MRI Cooling by Legacy Chillers, Inc.
MRI Process Chillers for GE, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA and PHILIPS systems

Read the Process Chiller Buyers Guide, and see why Legacy Chillers, Inc. offers the Best Overall Value compared to all USA based
MRI chiller manufactures.
Legacy provides an unmatched value proposition to the MRI market through the USA and Canada.

Keeping up with industry trends and leveraging the
latest data technology to keep your MRI site up
and fully functional while your competitors are
down because of unaddressed chiller maintenance
problems they where not even aware of.

For the first time, MRI sites can monitor, control
and hold service providers accountable when
something goes wrong.


Why Legacy Chillers?

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Read about our Chiller Controls. Legacy understands that controls
play a critical part in how the MRI process chillers perform! Built into
all of our chillers are controls that bring a higher level of performance, reliability and energy efficiency. With “Greener” Legacy chillers... energy consumption could be substantially reduced in some markets. Our controls include a user-friendly touch screen, data storage,
email & phone alerts, remote connectivity, (BAS) integration,
plug-in control relays, free software updates, and so much more.

Chiller Model

Chiller Model

  USA designed and built:  Legacy Chillers exclusively manufactures ALL of its products in the USA. This allows Legacy to have a high level of control of our supply chain.

  Fastest lead-times in the business:  Legacy Chillers offers THE fastest production lead-times in the business. If your chiller is down, there is a good chance we can get a direct replacement onsite faster than any comparable process chiller producer.

  Limited OEM components:  Unlike our competitors, very few of our system components are OEM. Using industry standard parts equates to less downtime as service providers can purchase replacement parts locally.

The Legacy Chillers value proposition to the MRI client

Here are some of Legacy's highlights:

For more details
on Legacy's

value proposition,
check out
Product Comparative.

Key Legacy Chillers technology advantages

All Legacy process chillers are equipped with a built in web server making it possible to both monitor and control your chiller from your builds subnet or remotely off site. No other process chiller manufacture offers web server technology as a standard feature.

Should the Predictive Technology algorithm determine the MRI chiller is in need of maintenance or service, the chiller will send email alerts advising corrective action. For accountability, all data is stored on our cloud servers for recall. Coming soon, we will have the ability to record when your technician arrived on seen.

For clients that wish to monitor or control their
MRI chillers remote security is a must. Legacy now offers factory installed (optional) VPN gateways. This current edge technology generally requires little to
no firewall configuration.

Legacy Chillers line of MRI chillers can now predict when a chiller needs service or maintenance prior to a major breakdown. When you purchase a Legacy MRI chiller, its like buying a full time service technician who's only job is to monitor your chillers operation 24/7/365.

For over two decades, Legacy Chillers has produced
leading edge process chillers for mission critical
applications worldwide.

In 2002 Legacy introduced its medical line focused on the specific
needs of MRI applications.  

Legacy Chillers can reduce electrical demand (with ROI in as little as
12 months) while maintaining the solid reliability that our customers have
depended on for over two decades.

In addition to amazing operating efficiency, Legacy Chillers offers our email communication system, with predictive end user notification... In essence,
its like getting a full time 24/7/365 service technician whose only job is to
monitor your chiller's operation.

ALWAYS - Designed, Built & Supported IN THE USA!